Websites to the Fourth Dimension

        This page gives over 70 additional websites that will provide information on topics that are beyond what most people feel is the normal realm of third dimensional reality. Topics include the numerous mysteries around this planet and universe, psychic and otherwise, UFOs, aliens and abductions, secret societies, secret governments, ancient legends, environmental concerns, and much more. Some of them are authentic, and others are fringe, but all offer interesting information, ideas and concepts. However, you could get lost in them, so enter at your own risk. 

        These website are divided into the following general sections:

1) News From Around the World

2) Behind the Scenes and Conspiracy News, and Meaning of Events

3) World Mysteries, Ancient History, Paranormal, Aliens, and Alternative News

4) Organizations of Interest

5) Other Sites

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1) News From Around the World  --  sources for newspapers from all over the globe and other sources.  --  the English version of the Russian newspaper Pravda.  --  news from a variety of areas, politics, intelligence, environment, etc.  --  some interesting news articles.  --  reports on mysterious happenings in weather, military, and politics, social changes, etc. from around the world.  --  focused on Christian news of all kinds, both pro and against it, plus on globalism, conspiracy, behind the scenes trends etc. 


2) Behind the Scenes and Conspiracy News, and Meaning of Events  --  news articles about various topics, such as Tesla, HAARP, Face on Mars, ESP, Ancient History, Atlantis, etc.  --  dedicated to expose deceptions in government and media.  --  alternative news & history network, lots of articles & behind the scenes news.  --  lots of articles.  --  the Conspiracy Reader, lots of articles on behind the scenes meaning of news and events.  --  site on many behind the scenes issues and mysteries, real way America was conquered, the forming of the Masons, and more, plus the "Handbook for the New Paradigm" regarding the future of the human species as outlined by extraterrestrials.  --  Counter Propaganda on what is the reality behind the mainstream news.  --  A newsletter with a site that has numerous articles on the behind the scenes politics.  --  the real agenda of the New World Order, lots of info, news behind the scenes.  --  the site of Alex Jones, all the latest news behind the scenes.  --  information on subjects not found elsewhere, like the beast global computer.  --  learn the brainwashing tactics going on in America to achieve the government's secret agenda.  --  all aspects of how Americans are controlled and watched.  --  The Black Vault, a large site covering current news, FBI files, UFO information, New World Order, remote viewing, space, spy satellites, forum, links, and more.  --  global intelligence, secret governments, Bilderbergers, spy networks, and more.  --  911 - An Illuminati Inside Job  --  Latest news on the Illuminati and New World Order  --  Latest on the Shadow Government  --  More information on New World Order.  --  Another look at New World Order views  --  all about computer chips spying capabilities, and what you can do about it.


3) World Mysteries, Ancient History, Paranormal, Aliens, and Alternative Views  --  a huge site, over 5000 pages, on the books of David Icke. Here is your source of articles on the behind-the-issues and conspiracy theories, the alien reptilian connection, Bilderberger network, and lots more.  --  site for George Noory's and Art Bell's radio shows. Lists guests and websites covering UFOs, aliens, psychic phenomena, conspiracies, behind the scenes news, alternative science, etc.  --  all about reptilians and bases in underground caves and tunnels.  --  site for Jeff Rense and his radio show, about UFOs, sightings, alternative health and science, and lots more.  --  recent happenings of the paranormal.  --  site on Robert Bauval and Egyptian mysteries.  --  site on Graham Hancock and his books, and numerous articles on various discoveries of archeology and ancient civilizations.  --  website for Michael Cremo, author of such books as "Forbidden Archeology" and "The Hidden History of the Human Race," with additional articles and a large list to other websites on more mysteries and discoveries.  --  a great site on hollow Earth and the many legends related to it.  --  about all kinds of mysteries, aliens, Nibiru, science, etc.  --  the watcher website on UFOs, aliens, etc.  --  on all kinds of mysteries, UFOs, conspiracies, etc.  --  on alien abductions, UFOs, angels, and the Bible connections.  --  on alien encounters, UFOs, ancient texts & aliens, etc.  --  on UFOs and updates on sightings.  --  issues reported and edited by Linda Moulton Howe.  --  all about ancient aspects of America.  --  about all kinds of mysteries.  --  views of alternative scientific discoveries.  --  covering alternative health, UFOs, ancient past, suppressed science, government cover-ups, etc.  --  site of the Roswell UFO Museum.  --  info on the UFO Magazine, articles, mysteries, space and links to more info.  --  and  --  UFO sightings, updates, video footage, etc.  --  is for scientists, but addresses UFO controversies, higher dimensions, metaphysics, etc., for skeptics.  --  a site for disclosing the truth about UFOs and ET technology, with Dr. Steven Greer.  --  the Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence.  --  packed with UFO information, books, bulletin board, meetings, news, sightings, AUFORN, Australian reports, OZ files, space news, hotlines, services, counseling, and more.  --  site of Colin Andrews research, latest news, photo gallery, circle types, etc.  --  will help those who are curious about crop circles, offers reports on scientific research, articles, gallery, etc.  --  latest news reports, gallery, articles. etc. Also check  --  UFOs-A New World, the site of New Zealand researcher Karen Lyster. Has UFO news, MJ-12, intelligence reports, and a huge archives of articles on all aspects of ufology & the paranormal, secret governments, Bilderbergers, Holy Grail, links and more.  --  Bill Saylor's essays on astronauts of ancient cultures.  --  the possibilities of time travel.  --  more theories of time travel.  --  a large site on UFOs, area 51, Roswell, MJ-12, abductions, conspiracies, NASA, cattle mutilations, incidents, etc.  --  on ancient mysteries of all kinds.  --  a site on all sunken civilizations.  --  the magazine on all kinds of mysteries.  --  many additional links to sites on ancient mysteries.  --  a directory of links to sites on all aspects of ancient history, legends, Atlantis, pyramids, megaliths, ancient cultures, etc.  --  on remote viewing, predictions of the future, and the controversial nature of Theosophy and the Stanzas of Dzyan and the Mahatma Letters, etc.  --  the site on the magazine "Mountain Astrologer", offers many articles, with both western and Vedic astrology.  --  the site of writer and author Whitley Striebler.

http://www.nderf.or  --  Near Death Experience Research Foundation, provides many stories of near-death-experiences and research into it.  --  articles on how anomalies are true, and many other interesting articles and news, also on Richard Hoagland.  --  site on the Indigo children and other issues on children.  --  site on the predictions of Dr. Turi.


4) Organizations of Interest  --  site for the Societas Draconis started in 1408 by Emperor Sigismund von Luremborg, for the rule of the ancient bloodlines.  --  how the secret Dragon Court was started and how they act today.  --  the site of the international group known as the Bilderbergers.  --  the Trilateral Commission.  --  the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR). Also the Chicago chapter at  --  the magazine "Foreign Affairs" that views foreign relations from the establishment's (CFR's) point of view.  --  site on the United Nations.  --  the site for the Association for Research and Enlightenment organization about Edgar Cayce and his readings.


5) Other Sites  --  site for the study of Cathy O'Brien, survivor of CIA's MK-Ultra Project Monarch program and White House sex slave.  --  the truth behind the issues of space research, archeology, etc.  --  lots of important government and media contacts.  --   Information on angels, archangels, religions, spiritual and new age practices. Articles on beliefs, books, courses, self development.

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